Dressing Your Dinner Table For The Fall: Follow These Easy Tips!

Dressing Your Dinner Table For The Fall: Follow These Easy Tips!

Fall is the season of harvest, welcoming the winter, and having gala dinners with friends and family. While the menu certainly deserves all your attention, you need to also ensure that the dining experience feels warm and seasonal. Dressing the dinner table for the fall can be confusing, which is why we have enlisted some amazing tips below for your help.

  • Get new serving platters. If you are not in mood to buy new dinnerware, go for new serving platters, which can be in complete contrast with rest of things you have. Make sure that you select products that have subsequent use. For instance, something in metal will have an antique feel, many years down the line, while a ceramic serving platter with Santa Claus is more traditional.

  • Include more candles. Dinners are all about conversations, and although this may seem cliché to a lot of people, you need to get candles. Candelabras and candle holders look great, but if you have a small dining table, you can go for scented ones that come in all shapes, styles and sizes.
  • Go for a neutral tone. A lot of homeowners prefer sober style over contrast, and that’s completely okay. We recommend that you check for products in shades like white, cream and beige, and mix these with other items in gold, rose gold or metallic tones. This is a great way to induce some bling but without going over the top.
  • Feel the blues. If there has to be one color that works ideally for the fall and summers alike, it has to be blue. Indigo, lavender, blue – These are colors that work across seasons, and you can have so much fun with the themes. Go for table rugs in indigo or include blue candles – there are endless ways to create something unique.

  • Embrace orange. For those who want to go all traditional with colors, orange is the ideal shade. Go for pumpkins and gourds, and include floral arrangements in a matching shade. You can also add a centerpiece in that color, while rest of the table décor can be muted in whites and cream shades.

If you have found the theme for your center table, go ahead and create new looks. Fall is also a good time to experiment with your interiors, and it doesn’t have to be about big investments all the time, especially for a dinner.