Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

So, you want to create your very own rooftop garden, or you want to improve the one you already have, but you have one big problem. You do not know from where to start. Stop with worrying, that is completely unnecessary. Our rooftop garden design ideas will certainly help you make your rooftop garden look like a place from home magazines. These tips can be very useful for anyone’s taste. Also, keep in mind; you do not have to include all of them.

Carefully choose which plants to grow

First of all, you have to make a plan and decide exactly what kind of plants you want to grow in your rooftop garden. Keep in mind; you do not have to choose just one or two kinds of tall plants. Even more of them would look great if you know how to combine them and where exactly to place them. Also, you could add more small plants and even plant trees if you like.

Choose carefully the kind of plants you want to grow in your rooftop garden.

Flowers, rooftop garden design ideas

Choose the type of design you want your rooftop garden to have

Before starting with decoration and everything else, you must decide which look you want your rooftop garden to have. For example, it can be vintage, modern or have more traditional garden look. It is on you and your personal preferences and taste.

Make it more spacious

It is always nice when spaces seem bigger than they really are. You can achieve this result by adding big mirrors and choosing glass which is transparent rather than walls. In addition, you can easily grow a hedge. Remember, smaller places look more spacious if you keep them open. However, if you highly appreciate your privacy and you want to rest peacefully without being disturbed during your free time, it would be better if you avoid this step in improving your precious space.

Add furniture to your rooftop garden

If you want to make it a perfect place for rest and relaxation, it is strongly suggested that you add furniture items. Make sure to choose the appropriate size and colors for the space that you have. Moreover, many people love having a couple armchairs and small tables on their rooftop garden. Also, if you need some help with transporting your furniture you can always contact They are the professionals that can be of great help to you with that. In addition, they are very reliable and experienced people to work with.

Decorate it with taste

After providing an appropriate furniture, here we come to the most favorite part for almost every artistic soul and it is decoration, of course. You can decorate your rooftop garden in so many ways. For example, you can add strings of lights, lamps, lanterns, flower pots, pillows and even blankets to make it more cozy. All of this is up to you.

Make sure to decorate your rooftop garden with taste.

Lanterns, rooftop garden design ideas

Add bowels with fruit and sweets

Also, this is important, believe it or not. If you have bowels full of different fruit you will feel better immediately. The same goes for your guests. Everybody loves food, especially when it is in happy colors. So, you can also provide jars full of various candy and put them on small tables close to your garden chairs and other furniture items.

Provide shelves for your rooftop garden

Putting shelves with colorful flower pots on the walls is always a nice idea. Moreover, you can add a couple of candles if you like, but do not exaggerate with these. Certainly you would not want to start a fire!

Choose appropriate colors carefully

When design and decoration are in question, you must always be extremely careful with choosing the right colors. This goes for absolutely everything in your rooftop garden, from furniture items to little flower pots. All objects must combine perfectly if you want your garden to look just as you have imagined.

Provide a small fountain for your rooftop garden

If you feel more comfortable when you have water in your surroundings, consider this tip. Adding a small fountain to your rooftop garden can look pretty fancy. In addition, it will look perfectly when combined with our next rooftop garden design idea.

Put small statues

If you like different statues this can be very useful tip for you. But do not exaggerate! It will be the best if you choose one big statue or a couple of small ones. Moreover, make sure to find an appropriate place for them. For example, that can be next to your small fountain if you choose to add it. Also, buy only the statues that can match perfectly with all the other items which are placed there.

Adding statues to your rooftop garden can make it look more elegant.

Small garden statue, rooftop garden design ideas

Make it more lively

It would be nice to make your rooftop garden more lively than it already is. That can be achieved by putting cages with birds, or if you are against keeping animals in captivity choose playing music on gramophone or radio. Surely, the atmosphere of your garden will greatly improve.

Make your rooftop garden a safe place for your pets

If you are big animal lover and you have pets, then make sure to avoid growing poisonous plants. Of course, not all kinds of animals would swallow poisonous leaves but it is better to be on the safe side. In addition, if you have a dog you can provide a small wooden house for your it. On the other hand, if you are a cat person your cat would be delighted to have a couple of blankets on your rooftop garden. Also, you can keep their toys for outside in special wooden boxes that can at the same time have decorative purpose as well.