Ways You Can Enhance The Security In Your Shropshire Home

Ways You Can Enhance The Security In Your Shropshire Home

When you are worried and the safety and security of your family when you are at home, there are things you can do that can help increase this to give you peace of mind. You can do some things that will require investment, while others only need time and effort, and you can help keep your family and possessions safe from burglars. You can see some options below that can help increase the security of your home and ensure that burglars will look for a much easier target than your home.

Install Automatic Driveway Gates

An excellent way of making your home more secure is by restricting access to it, and you can do this by installing automatic driveway gates with an intercom. You can use a remote control in your vehicle to open and close the gates, and visitors can press an intercom to get your attention when they arrive. When looking for a reputable company to install your electric gates, Shropshire has many companies you can consider using to install these in your home.

External Lighting & Movement Detectors

Burglars try to avoid well-lit houses, as they do not want anyone to see what they are doing, so you can install external lights to your home, which come on when movement is detected. These lights use passive infrared, and they are simple to install. You can also get solar-powered ones, so they do not cost you anything to run them.

Install Cameras To Your Home

With the technology now so affordable, you can also consider installing CCTV cameras in your home and have these externally and internally. You can connect these using Wi-Fi, use software to control them on your phone or laptop, and get alerts when movement is detected. They can help keep a watchful eye on our home and family, and advertising you have a camera system can also deter thieves.

Add Locks To Your Windows

You can purchase window locks in a DIY store for a couple of pounds, and they take minutes to install. However, they can make it much more difficult for a burglar to enter your home when you use window locks. In a couple of hours, you can do all the windows in your home, making it much more secure, and it does not cost too much.

Remove Bushes & Shrubs From Beside Your Home

When you have bushes and shrubs beside your home, they can look fantastic, but they also give a space for people to hide. They can use the plants to hide from people looking on while they try to get into your home and steal your valuables, and removing these can make it much harder for them to try without being seen.

You will need to remain vigilant and not allow thieves to steal from you and remove the opportunity from them. Ensure everything is locked away at night and that your windows and doors are all locked. Most thieves are opportunists; if you take the opportunity away, your home and possessions will remain safe. For more advice on making your home more secure, click here.