Selecting A Garden Maintenance Service: Things That Matter!

Selecting A Garden Maintenance Service: Things That Matter!

A well-maintained garden can add aesthetic value to your home and offers an extended area to enjoy the weather. Most homeowners don’t have the time for garden maintenance, and it only makes sense to hire one of the garden centers in Minneapolis for the real work. In this post, we are discussing what it takes to select a service for garden maintenance.

  • Look for tailormade services. You don’t want to find any random company that’s simply selling their packages. Every property is unique and has specific gardening requirements, so find a service that can tailor their services for your garden.
  • This is a key concern, especially because the gardening needs are constant. You want a service that is always around to take your calls, and if they are offering seasonal maintenance, they have to be on time. It all depends on the size of your garden, the kind of landscaping design you have and the plants and trees. Some varieties of shrubs, plants and trees need more frequent pruning.
  • Check the basics. Is the company licensed and insured? Keep in mind that gardening tasks can be risky for workers. In case a mishap happens and the worker is not insured, the liability could be on you. You may also want to check if the concerned service has an in-house team, because many companies often hire people when they have new contracts.

  • Ask for references. If a gardening service has been around for a considerable period of time, they must have enough clients. As a prospective client, you have every right to ask for references. Call up a few customers and ask them about their experience.
  • Is the company environmentally friendly? Environmental footprint is not something that many companies are bothered about, but consider this as a pointer, given that we are talking of trees and plants here. Responsible services have now reduced printing marketing materials and ensure that waste is disposed carefully and recycling is encouraged.

Finally, do ask for the pricing, and it typically depends on the actual job. Some services may charge a fixed price per year, while others might ask for a fee each time you call them. It is best to go for a contract, so that you don’t have to keep asking for garden maintenance. Also, ensure that the quote is detailed and there is no room for hidden costs and services. Check online now for the best gardening services in town.

David Mash