Pool Compliance – What Should Homeowners Look Out For?

Pool Compliance – What Should Homeowners Look Out For?

If you haven’t checked your pool compliance for a long time, you should consider a quick evaluation to ensure you meet regulations. The regulations are in place to stop accidents and save people’s lives, especially young kids. The law applies to owners and tenants and it is applied to swimming pools or spas which reach a certain depth. Here are some things to look out for when assessing your pool.

Fence Height

When you install a fence, you must make sure that the structure is at least 1.2m high. It should also be sturdy and free from any grip points. If the fence has grip points where young children can climb, you will not receive certification for the pool. NSW swimming pool compliance is enforced by the local councils and if you do not meet the protocol you could have problems. The fence must be a specific height so that it protects visitors from the pool.


When assessing your fence, look at the gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. If it is more than 10cm long you will fail the assessment. Go along the perimeter of the fence and check to see if it meets regulation. You should also be aware of changing ground levels or new features like garden beds that can reduce the height of the fence.

In addition to looking at the gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence, you must also measure the gaps in between the fence itself. If you have a wooden fence you may have gaps between each panel. If these sections of the fence are 10cm apart, your pool fence will not be compliant.

Climbing Assistants

Look around your pool to see if there is any furniture that may be used as climbing assistant to get over the pool fence. Look for items that are close to the fence and easy to scale, such as:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Plants
  • Trees

Move any of these objects far away from the fence.


There must be a safety sign beside the pool that shows how to perform CPR to someone in need.

There are many things to look out for when assessing the condition of your pool. The points raised in this article are some of the most obvious ones. If you are unsure about pool compliance, you can also call an inspector and have your property evaluated.