Ordering Indian Food At Home? Try These Unique Dishes!

Ordering Indian Food At Home? Try These Unique Dishes!

Indian food is anything but boring. Indian is often called ‘the land of spices’, and every state in the country has its own specialties. The standard meal is always a mix of flavors, and there are practically hundreds of dishes. If you are opting for Indian food delivery, we recommend that you try these unique dishes.

  • Tandoori Chicken. Easily one of the best Indian starters ever, Tandoori chicken is made after marinating the chicken overnight in a spice mix with yogurt. The chicken is then placed in a clay oven called the tandoor, where it is cooked to perfection. Those char marks on the chicken give it a unique texture, and the dish is typically served with a mint dip and some onions.
  • Chicken Curry. The classic Chicken Curry from India is a mix of many spices with onions, tomato, garlic and ginger. It is often cooked on a slow heat, and the sauce is not runny if not thick. Chicken curry can be cooked with mild spices too, so make sure that you talk to the restaurant, just in case you have sensitive taste buds. The curry can be combined with steamed basmati rice or Indian flatbread called the Roti.

  • Lamb Masala. This is one of the most flavorsome Indian dishes that you would find at any restaurant. Lamb Masala is made of similar spices as the chicken curry, but typically, the sauce is thicker. This works better with Indian flatbreads, and the spice content is higher than a curry. You can also find other varieties, such as fish or chicken masala.
  • Kheer, also called Payasam, is a kind of Indian dessert that’s made with rice, milk, sugar and nuts. It is a classic recipe that can never go wrong, especially after you have tasted all the spicy dishes that we just mentioned. Kheer works well as the final dish of the menu, and you can also choose to have it with a Gulab Jamun on the side. By the way, Gulab Jamun refers to milk balls that are soaked in a warm sugar syrup.

Indian food always tastes better when it comes straight from a genuine restaurant. Make sure that you discuss the spices in advance, and if required, do ask the eatery for suggestions. As for rice, you can go for the classic basmati rice steam-cooked for that ideal aroma, or a complete wholesome meal in form of Biriyani!

David Mash