All About Selecting A Domain Name For Home Improvement Blogs!

All About Selecting A Domain Name For Home Improvement Blogs!

Home improvement blogs and websites are huge in demand. People often spend hours on portals related to home décor, interior design, and DIY repairs, and such websites make good money through sponsors, ads, and paid partnerships with brands. If you know about the basics of how to create your own website, you probably know that selecting a domain name is the first step in the process. The domain name, for the uninitiated, is what people will type on the browser to find your website. Every website has a specific domain name, but just selecting any random option is definitely not the right idea. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to select domain names for home improvement blogs in particular.

  • Focus on the niche. A website on home improvement cannot have a name like The idea is to select a website name that’s relevant to niche, even when you are using a brand name. For example, when you check for, you already know that the website is focused on homes and houses.
  • Select a short name. Something like is not the best choice for any blog. You want the blog name to be as rememberable as possible. Also, people wouldn’t want to type as much. Shorter domain names are extremely easy to recall, so you can expect more repeat site visitors, of course there is enough of new and good content on the website.
  • Find a more unique name. If your website’s name sounds similar to competitor sites, chances are high that people may end up visiting other websites. Your blog can be in considerable trouble if the name is close to any of the established sites. In fact, you may end up in a legal mess owing to copyright issues.

  • Think of this as a brand. The domain will be the face of your online marketing campaign, and eventually, people will know it as a brand. Make sure that the name has a nice ring to it. Do not use a name that people may not understand the meaning or may find hard to pronounce.

Finally, check if the preferred domain name is available. You can check on GoDaddy for domain names, and the good news is you can always find suggestions, just in case the names are not available. Always go for a .com extension if possible, but the choice also depends on the nature and purpose of a website.

David Mash