What Are the Main Reasons Behind Electrical Issues in A Furnace?

What Are the Main Reasons Behind Electrical Issues in A Furnace?

A furnace is an important machine that is commonly used in kitchen. This machine with prolonged use can cause a few problems. One of them is an electrical issue. In this guide, we will understand the major reasons that lead to electrical issues in the furnace.

Repeated blowing of fuse

If you find that your furnace is repeatedly blowing a fuse, and fails to draw power, then the first course of action would be to call in an expert HVAC repair professional. A thorough inspection will help you find the real cause behind the issue.

It is possible that the problem is due to the electrical system than the furnace. So, when you hire an HVAC system repair professional you will get clarity on the issue.

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A clogged filter

Another problem that you could face while working with the furnace is clogging of the filter. Debris and dust are the two things responsible for clogging the furnace. You will find that the dust that makes it way to the blower motor overheats it and cause it to burn out. There can be chances of catching fire too.

Loose wire

With passing time, you can find that the vibration that results from a furnace causes the internal wiring to get loosen up. This can cause a short circuit in the equipment. In such a case, it is required to either tighten the wire or replace the loose wire by a new wire. This will help in the prevention of short circuit or any other possible safety hazard due to it.

Wrong fuse

A wrongly sized fuse can impact the handling capacity of the heating system. You need to call an expert repair firm to resolve the problem immediately.

Dirty fuse

People who haven’t used their furnace for a long time can come across issues related to dirty parts. There is a possibility that the fuse gets covered in grime and soot. Such dirty fuse becomes futile and fails to deliver performance.

Faulty starting capacitor

This problem can be due to recurrent electrical problems. The best solution to this problem is to replace the capacitor.


Learning about these electrical furnace issues, help you identify them soon and take proactive measures to deal with it effectively.