Things That Determine It Is Time to Replace the HVAC System

Things That Determine It Is Time to Replace the HVAC System

The HVAC system keeps the interiors of your home comfortable in every season. There can be mechanical issues, which needs to be monitored and repaired. Nonetheless, how will you recognize that you will need to replace your HVAC system?

Warning signs that determines it is time to replace the HVAC system

Age plays a part

HVAC units possess a lifespan of maximum 10 years and as it grows older it gets listed as an antique. As years pass, new technology is added to the advanced HVAC systems. Today, you can see unit’s fully-energy star rated or energy efficient. The system more than 10 years old will possibly not be as efficient, so it is time for replacement. Older units are unable to offer necessary performance to keep home comfortable.

Major component collapse

The HVAC system is comprised of a plethora of moving components, which play a crucial role in the operation. If there is a failure in small things like a coil failure or a large one like main motor or compressor letdown, it means there is a grave issue. Some parts that need replacement aren’t worth the hassle. The technicians will determine, whether a repair is worth or should you buy a new HVAC unit.

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Frequent repairs

A struggling or noisy system can need a costly repair. If the unit requires consistent repair, then these costs can pile up quickly. Calculate the total repair costs and compare it with a new system worth in due course.

Besides extensive cost of consistent repairs, you will finally be forced to spend money in buying a new unit because it was unable to handle the demand.

Loud annoying noises

The HVAC unit makes a little noise but if you detect an increase in the intensity of clatter and clamor replace the system to enjoy a quiet experience. Old systems are louder but if you detect the blower or the outdoor unit making louder sounds, then it is due to wear and tear. If you are lucky, there may be a need for replacing a small part.

Outdated refrigerant

Freon [R-22] is used in the old HVAC unit but Puron [R-410A] refrigerant is employed in the new systems. Puron keeps the system running cooler as it is capable to absorb the heat and release heat more efficiently. It can function at very high pressure. Therefore, you don’t need to handle burned out compressor. It’s time to consider a new unit with R-410A refrigerant.

Poor maintenance

Air filters need to be changed regularly. The other components need to be checked because if ignored a small damage can inflict havoc in the middle of winter or summer. Poor maintenance can hook you for investing in a new system.