The Many Services Offered by the Local Locksmith

The Many Services Offered by the Local Locksmith

Your local locksmith can do a lot more than pick your front door lock when you accidently lock yourself out of your home, indeed, many homeowners are unaware of the many services offered by their local locksmith.

Here are just some of the services a local locksmith offers the community.

  • Emergency Access – In the event you pop out early morning to grab your mail and a gust of wind slams the front door shut, this is a job for your local Baldivis locksmith, who can gain access without causing any damage.
  • Keyless Access Control Systems – Why not install a keyless access control system and eliminate the need for bulky keys? You could even go biometric, using a fingerprint scanner and that means no one has to remember their password.
  • Changing Locks – Should you ever be the victim of a burglary, it is essential to have all the locks changed and who better to do this than your local locksmith. He would have a wide range of locking systems, some using digital technology and some that rely on mechanical solutions to keep people out.
  • Supply & Installation of Security Systems – Whether you prefer CCTV or an alarm system, your local locksmith can handle such a project and what’s more, it would be cheaper than calling out a home security company. While CCTV offers great deterrent value, a sophisticated alarm system can give you a high level of protection, with the capability to create zones and be selective in how the system works.
  • Additional Keys – If for any reason you need some extra keys, the locksmith provides a key-cutting service and there isn’t a key he can’t replicate, especially vehicle keys that are fitted with transponders.
  • Concealed Safes – If you have an impressive gold coin collection or wish to secure your wife’s jewellery collection, why not have a small safe installed in your bedroom. When a thief gains access to a property, they do not spend much time looking for items to steal and will go through a house in a few minutes, taking small and valuable items and a concealed safe would be the ideal solution.

Your local locksmith is an expert with all things security related and will offer better prices for a security system than a specialist home security provider. If you don’t have the local locksmith’s number, a Google search will put you in touch and he would be happy to pop round and offer his professional opinion.

David Mash