The Details of a Professional Roof Inspection

The Details of a Professional Roof Inspection

If you are new to property ownership, there is much to learn and the roof is obviously a critical component that protects the building from the elements. Old or new, an annual roof inspection is the order of the day and the following would be included if you approach your local roofers in Plymouth.

  • Thorough inspection of roof tiles – Missing or broken tiles are replaced using matching tiles.
  • Clean out all guttering and downpipes – Essential to provide an escape route for excess rainwater.
  • Chimney & flashing – Repointing where necessary and an inspection of the flashing.
  • Fascia & soffit boards – These are typically timber boards that are primed and painted.

In the event the contractor think replacement or repair is needed, they would advise accordingly; timber boards can be replaced with uPVC, which comes in a wide range of colours.

Periodic visual inspections are a good idea, especially after a heavy storm, as debris can be thrown about and that can cause roof damage. The autumn is the best time to schedule a roof inspection and a Google search will help you find a local roofer who would be happy to perform an initial inspection. Minor issues need to be promptly dealt with, otherwise they quickly turn into major issues, which costs money.

The customer receives a detailed written report and for a small extra fee, the roofer will power wash the roof and apply a silicone sealant, which will prolong the life of your roof. Now is the ideal time to have the roof checked and the report will give you peace of mind, as the freezing winter nears.

David Mash