Redecorate Your Home Vintage Style in No Time

Redecorate Your Home Vintage Style in No Time

Retro style entails integrating various decades of style from the past in any given space. Retro style is inclined to vintage vibe and has a fun and lively feeling to it that comes with vivid colors, wild designs and an aesthetic flair. You must have noticed that the vintage décor surely has some essence of boldness into it, hence it will need some personality to pull that off. If you want to redecorate your home in a vintage vibe, this article enlists all the classic elements of a vintage home to make the redecorating go easy on you.

  1. Furniture

Vintage style furniture has an abstract feel to it. It seems like every nook and crook of the furniture piece asks for the limelight. The broad and elongated sofas paired with multicolored throw pillows will add some vividness to the space. Also, go for the shiny chrome barstools if you have a mini bar or a diner style kitchen to have an exceptional seating for your guests.

  1. Colors

Retro colors are perhaps the easiest element to choose for your space. The most common color choice is the avocado green, then mustard yellow and combination of brown, white, black and red. Purple and hot pink are also considered for vintage décor. You can also add vivid colors like bright orange, indigo blue, yellow, and green on a single piece. Patterns are also good if you want to try something unique like paisley prints, checkered boxes etc.

  1. Textures

These are sensitive elements when it comes to retro décor. This entails shag carpeting, soft vinyl, smooth plastics, and crushed velvets. Always keep in mind that everything is bold in nature when it comes to decorating in vintage style so feel free to experiment and play around with textures. The more you integrate them, the better.

  1. Accents and floorings

There is an endless discussion on accents and accessories when it comes to retro style décor. The accessories entail fuzzy throw rugs, skate tables, door beads, lava lamps, and scoop stools. Art and scriptures are deemed bold and more inclined to abstract instead of simple landscapes and still life. Natural wood, shag carpeting, and bold tiles placed in a checkered pattern are the only choices when considering retro home décor.

  1. Lighting

Floor lamps and square shaped lamps are amazing retro lamp choices. You can also choose a colorful chandelier that can simply be plugged into a wall socket and livens up the space in no time.