Pier and Beam Foundation: How to Tell It Needs Repair?

Pier and Beam Foundation: How to Tell It Needs Repair?

Your home depends on the strength of the foundation to keep it in great working order and safe. That is why as a homeowner, you want to ensure your foundation has no issues. You need to regularly check your foundation for cracks and other signs of damage or hire foundation professionals to inspect it for you. To understand if the pier and beam foundation of your home requires repair, you must know about the basics of how this foundation works.

What is This Foundation For

If your home has a pier and beam foundation, it uses a system of concrete, steel, and wood piers in the ground to offer support to a framework of wooden or steel beams. In turn, the beams provide support to the structure of your home. The structure results in a space of around 18 inches between the ground, called crawl space. With this space, it will be easier to repair things such as pipes without damaging or disrupting your home.

Importance of Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundations can experience fewer issues in the longer than other foundational structures like a slab. But, they are not damage-proof. Thankfully, the cost of house leveling pier and beam is less than the cost of other kinds of foundation repairs. Below are some of the issues pier and beam foundations might experience.

  • Rotting wood. Foundations composed of wood may start to rot over time. Eventually, they will have to be replaced.
  • Moisture. If there is insufficient drainage below your home, water can accumulate from heavy rains, leading to mold and sinking.
  • Sagging. Over time, your beam might not be able to support your house when not spaced properly during construction. As a result, your home can sag.

How to Tell you Need to Repair your Pier and Beam Foundations

Any foundation issues will manifest in signs which make it clear that something should be addressed. Should you notice your floors bowing, unleveled door frames, gaps between interior walls and floor, drywall cracks, as well as sticking doors, contact a foundation repair professional immediately. They will inspect your foundation and do the necessary repairs.  Just ensure you choose a foundation company that has a team of experts who know how to perform the right kind of repair you need. A great company should employ cost-effective solutions such as retrofitting piers through the use of steel pier support, retrofitting rotten or broken beams, encapsulating and dehumidifying crawl space, and more.