Modern-Day Fence Selection headache

Modern-Day Fence Selection headache


Gone are the days when one thing has to be solely and exclusively be utilized for just an exclusive purpose, like rooftops just for the purpose of sheltering a building from the rain, the sun and the likes, or railings just so people are protected from falling off a balcony.

Today rooftops or railings are not just for that sole purpose anymore as they now breathe life to a building, giving a building or an edifice more creativity and appeal.

Today in many fancy buildings one would seldom see lots of fancy decorative wrought iron railings or fences beautifying a building rather than merely safeguarding individuals from tipping off.

Choosing between vinyl and wrought iron fences 

For many, this remains something of a dilemma as it is tough deciding between going for an iron or vinyl fence in their quiet habitat and some of these ponderings might have to do with the contemplation about money and durability.

Taking a quick stroll around some of the most buzzing and affluent areas, one would notice that there is a surplus of modern-day wrought iron fencing and collectively they breathe life into any such areas.

Wrought Iron or Vinyl fences?

Perhaps you find yourself still pondering about choosing between a wrought iron type of fence for your home or just going vinyl. This section will highlight the perks of using either of the aforementioned fences and that just might help you decide which way you tilt

Durability: Both wrought iron and vinyl fences are known for there durability, that is if a long-term plan is in consideration. Where wrought iron fences might requiretime to time repainting to keep it in top shape, the vinyl fences have lesser chances of discoloration but above all both types of fences would do a long-term job in your home.

Cost:The vinyl fences pose a market competitive threat to the wrought iron types giving that the vinyl fences are more pocket friendly than the wrought iron fences and this has often tilted opinions towards the vinyl type of fences, given that the wrought iron fences tend to be very expensive.

Weight:When it comes to installation vinyl fences are relatively easier to fix given their sizes they weigh less than the wrought iron fences and thus making the process of installing the wrought iron fences a bit more rigorous than the former.

Strength: The vinyl type of fences are relatively less stronger than other types of fences, especially the wrought iron types, the vinyl fences can hardly withstand very harsh weather conditions. Vinyl fences can get permanently damaged when exposed to blustery winds and they are not recommended for areas with high temperature or exposure to the sunlight as the fences become very breakable. Wrought iron fences, on the other hand, are very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.


These are some pointers for your consideration before deciding upon what type of fence to have around your home.However, you might also want to embark on a further and more extensive research before making your decision because other factors such as the area you live in and your direct environment should all be considered before choosing a type of fencing for your home,

David Mash