Making a Square Garden More Interesting

Making a Square Garden More Interesting

A square garden can look quite dull. While you may want to keep things minimalistic, you’ll want to ensure there are still interesting features, and following the steps below can make even a square garden eye-catching. You can then keep things practical while also enjoy a beautiful design.

Add paving

Paving can turn a square garden into a more interesting shape. You can use paving of all shapes and sizes to get the look you want. Consider working with a paving company Nottingham who’ll be able to give you a variety of design ideas. From a patio for dining and socialising, to a pathway to break up the space, there are lots of looks to choose from. Opt for light colours if you want to brighten up the garden, or darker natural stone for a contemporary look.

Soften the look with plants and greenery

You can add a huge variety of greenery and plants to soften the edges, including:

  • Turf lawns – opt for rounded shapes to add a visual focus
  • Potted plants
  • Hedges along the edges
  • Small trees

Adding these things to your garden, around the edges or at points around the yard, will stop the garden looking so square. You’ll then have a much more interesting shape.

Many newer homes have square gardens, which are practical, but can look dull. Why not see if you can make a more cohesive design? Breaking up the square space will add more of a put-together design, and some simple landscaping can finish off the garden and make it a nice place to hang out.