Make Your Home Spacious by Installing an Under Deck Drainage

Make Your Home Spacious by Installing an Under Deck Drainage

An under deck drainage system acts as a ceiling and prevents water from spoiling the walls or floors of your home. The main purpose of these under deck drainage is to collect the rainwater and transfer it to the drainage system.

Types of Under Deck Systems

If you have an independent house, you can think about installing an under deck oasis. If you have no clue where to begin, you can check out many online websites that offer information on the same.

Under deck systems can be of two types:

  • Above the Joists
  • Below the Joists

Above the joists membrane is designed from rubber and shaped in such a way that these can be easily stapled to the top of the joists. The ends hand at one end easily allowing water to get drained. One of the greatest advantages of having about the joists drainage system is that these can be installed on all types of ceilings even the wood ones.

Below the joists deck systems, on the other hand, are made from either vinyl or metal installed at the bottom of the joists. A gutter is installed at the deck beam for rainwater to pass through a slope.

When it comes to installing under deck systems, you might need to take the help of deck drainage professional. There are many credible companies such as All Exteriors. These home improvement experts give personal attention to the deck drainage requirements of their clients. You can choose from multi under deck color options to match the theme of your home.

Enjoy the Outdoors without Getting Tanned

Now, in addition to directing rainwater to the drainage, there are other benefits of installing under deck systems for your home. Some of the benefits include:

  • It gives your home more space
  • You can spend some quality time basking in nature under a deck ceiling
  • You no longer have to cancel your outdoor dinner plans due to rain or hail
  • You can place your expensive furniture under the deck and create a cozy atmosphere
  • You can even use the space for storing stuff or create a workshop
  • If you like to watch movies, you can even convert it into an outdoor theatre
  • Want to be unique, you can use the space for a hot tub
  • It prevents your home from moisture accumulation and molds


Installing an under deck drainage system for your home is worth the investment. It also increases the resell value of your home in the future.