Is There a Reason Why My Sewer Line Keeps Clogging?

Is There a Reason Why My Sewer Line Keeps Clogging?

While many clogs are easy to handle on your own with a pair of gloves, a snake, and maybe a plunger, nobody wants to deal with repeated issues. If you are experiencing repeated clogs in various drains throughout your home, chances are the main drain is backed up because of a sewer line issue.

Common Causes of Repeated Drain Clogs

  • Tree roots growing through the sewer lines
  • Damaged sewer pipes, including any broken or sagging pieces
  • Flushing foreign items down the toilet, including diapers, feminine products, and more
  • Pouring oil, fat, or grease down the sink drains

Why It’s Important to Clear a Clogged Drain

Not everybody with frequently clogging drains understands how important it is to consider the various blocked drains solutions in Oxford. One of the reasons the drains in your home continue to clog is due to a bigger and more problematic clog developing in your main sewer line. These bigger clogs typically take months, if not years, to form and do so because of the various things that accumulate in them.

No matter how tempting it might be to just clear the smaller clog and move on, you must take care of the bigger problem. By not taking care of the bigger problem, homeowners will find themselves dealing with the smaller clogs more frequently until they simply can’t clear them anymore. A severe clog can be the signal of other drain pipe problems, which will require expensive repairs from a plumbing professional.