Here are a Few Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Working Efficiently

Here are a Few Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Working Efficiently

A little maintenance on a regular basis can help in lengthening the quality and life of any product. So, before you schedule any maintenance visit, here are a few pointers to remember to increase the efficiency of your AC unit, which in turn also helps in reducing your utility bills when it comes to energy audit phoenix.

  1. Clean the coils of your AC unit

The evaporator and the condenser coils of your AC tend to accumulate dirt and debris over time. This debris can become an obstruction in the airflow and insulates the coil which reduces its power to absorb the heat. The outdoor condenser coils also accumulate the dirt in the environment when it’s dusty or foliage nearby. To steer clear from these issues, hire a professional to get the AC coils clean.

  1. Clean or replace your air filters

The most essential task when it comes to AC maintenance that helps in improving the efficiency levels is to replace or clean your air filters on a routine basis. Change an inch pleated filters at least once a month. If you are uncertain of what kind of filter to use, let the AC repair professional suggest you something on the basis of your system. For other filter sizes, let the professional inspect, clean or replace them during the maintenance visit. Always keep in mind that filters need more upkeep and attention if your AC is in a constant use, when they are exposed to dusty environments or if you have pets in house. Get in touch with your AC repair professional to know more.

  1. Straighten the coil fins of your AC unit

The aluminum fins equipped on the condenser coils and evaporator can be easily bent and blocks the airflow via the coil. Your professional will inspect these components during maintenance and straighten them if needed.

  1. Get rid of the debris from the unit

As the time goes by, debris like dirt, dust, leaves etc. accumulates on the exterior of your AC which plummets the system capacity and reduces the airflow. Trim all the shrubs and other plants around the AC unit to keep from obstructed airflow to and from your system.

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