Dryer Vent Cleaning: Keeping your Dryer Safe for Use

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Keeping your Dryer Safe for Use

The majority of property owners do not pay attention to air duct cleaning, at least not until a problem arises. However, a clogged vent can reduce the efficiency and performance of your clothes as well as pose a fire hazard. This possible risk factor is something you cannot ignore in your property. Apart from proper dryer vent installation, you need to ensure the vents are kept clean. You can do this job yourself or hire a professional cleaning company. Below are some important safety tips that can help you reduce your risk:

Ensure the Traps and Vents are Cleaned Regularly

If you are like a few property owners, you may be involved in all types of maintenance tasks. You may want to flush the water heater, clean the gutters, and check your HVAC system every now and then. But, you can trust that professional cleaning companies will do a much better job than you.

Cleaning the vents of your dryer must be a priority. Clean the lint traps by yourself after each load so you can avoid seeing plenty of lint left on clean clothes. But, you must also clean the dryer vent at least once every year. But, if you have a big family that uses the dryer frequently, you need more frequently vent cleaning.

Schedule Professional Inspections

If you want the task of cleaning the dryer vent done safely and thoroughly, consider hiring a qualified air duct cleaning service. These professionals are capable of cleaning all the ducts at once, making sure that both your dryer and HVAC system are clean and safe to be used continuously.

Be Aware of Codes

The installer of your dryer should know fire safety codes and adhere to them. However, you should also check these out to ensure your vent is as big as the dryer outlet. Also, the exhaust duct must not be longer than 25 feet and the fittings are secure to prevent the exhaust from seeping back in. There are other safety guidelines you need to observe so make sure to check them out.

Make Sure there’s a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

Where you want to position your fire extinguisher in your property is your personal choice.  However, it is best placed near possible fire hazards and escape routes. Thus, it makes sense to position your fire extinguishers near exist such as doors or windows, as well as in the laundry room and kitchen.