Creating Light in Your Extension

Creating Light in Your Extension

If you are considering adding an extension to your property one of the biggest benefits is that you’ll be able to create a space that is filled with much more light than in the rest of your home currently. Planning an extension can be based around bringing in as much light as possible, and there are ways in which you can ensure you maximise the potential light that can be created in your extension and shine through to the rest of your property that the extension is adjoined to. This includes clever design tricks, as well as the installation of roof lanterns and different types of windows and angles of windows, to maximise the light.

You can make the new extended space feel as big and as light as you wish to make it. The first thing to consider is whether you want the new extension to match the current aesthetic of your home or whether you are happy for it to take on a different design and décor that the rest of the structure. With that in mind, if you are happy to go in a different direction you could add an extension that is made of glass entirely or has much more surface space made of glass. What this does is add a modern feel to the aesthetic of your property, whilst at the same time bringing in the maximum amount of light you could ever wish to bring into your home.

If you are not too keen on going the whole glass route – due to design concerns or the fact that it could potentially leave your home extremely warm during the hotter summer months, and much colder during the winter- you could choose to install a roof lantern. With a roof lantern you have the best of both worlds, adding height to a flat roof extension, adding a touch of glamour and luxury to an otherwise potentially mundane structure that is being added to your home, but also bringing in plenty of additional light that wasn’t there previously.

With a roof lantern you have a window on the roof of your extension, and it brings in plenty of light and a feeling of space that can be missing with certain types of extensions. With slim and minimal frames for your roof lantern you can ensure that there is a modern, sleek feel to proceedings, or you can go down the more classical route, with a  traditional frame that fits the aesthetic of an older property whilst still bringing in that extra light that is much desired when talking about any extension.

What a difference an extension makes when it leads to more light flowing into a home, reaching the previously dark spaces in the other parts of the house. With the addition of a roof lantern you can create an exquisite space that is the perfect place to relax, to host friends and family, to study, or to use as you wish. A roof lantern is the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful extension.